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Pupils Transform into Victorians for the Day

 Year 1 students at Stamford Junior School were learning about the Victorians in the Autumn term, and recently visited Stibbington Day Centre, to see what life was like for a child in the Victorian Era.

The children arrived wearing a wonderful selection of Victorian costumes that helped transport them back to another era. During the day, the pupils learnt about Victorian customs and traditions. They were able to collect natural materials from the grounds of the Stibbington Centre, which they used to make decorations. They then sang some traditional songs, as they gathered around the fire and toasted marshmallows.

The children were also told about everyday life for village children in the late 1800s, including playtime and schooling. They were able to learn about, and handle, a selection of Victorian artefacts and played outside with a large selection of Victorian toys. The children were given the opportunity of entering a Victorian classroom, and were taught by a very strict teacher. They were taught a sample Maths and English lesson and recorded their work on chalkboards.

Year 1 teacher, Mrs G Mullock said “This Victorian Day was a wonderful addition to a very busy term. Our very grateful thanks go to the mums and staff who accompanied us on our trip.”