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Students Take Part in British Physics Olympiad

 Five Year 12 students from Stamford High School worked on the British Physics Olympiad Experimental Project, with two of the girls winning silver awards.

The British Physics Olympiad is designed to encourage the study of physics, and recognise talent in the field among young physicists. Five girls took part in the competition, which consists of being given a problem by the board that the students then have to investigate and report their findings. The aim of the project is to give students hands-on experience in how experimental physics research is carried out. Two of the students, Megan Stoker and Jasmine Farrow had their papers sent off for judging, and they both received Silver Award certificates. This is the third year that the school has taken part in the event for the Year 12 girls.

Science teacher Mrs J Husbands has said; “In each of the previous years we have had 2 Bronze awards, so this just goes to show the quality of Megan and Jasmine’s work. Congratulations should also go to Sophie Peng who completed an excellent report, and Izzie Arthur and Katie Lumb who produced some splendid results.”