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Next Foundation Lecture is Revealed

 ENIGMA was one of the most powerful weapons of World War 2 – an apparently unbreakable code used to transmit German military intelligence. So how did a small group of mathematicians crack it?

Enigma and the Secret World of Codes and Code Breaking
Dr James Grime
Friday 24 April 2015 – 7.00 pm
Oswald Elliott Hall at Stamford School

Discover the fascinating history of codes and code breaking with Dr James Grime, formerly of the University of Cambridge’s Millennium Mathematics Project – including a rare chance to see a genuine Second World War Enigma machine in action!

Dr James Grime is a speaker and maths populariser. He has toured the world delivering his talk about code breaking.

"For as long as we have had secrets we have had secret messages.”

Tickets are free of charge but MUST be booked in advance here