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Students Lend Some Company at Tixover Grange

 tixover grange volunteering A group of Stamford School boys have been volunteering at a Care Home in Rutland, to spend time with some of the residents; providing some company to their daily activities.

The students have been visiting Tixover Grange regularly since the Autumn Term. Initially the arrangement was set up so that the students could read to the residents, however this was met with such enthusiasm that the scheme has extended to playing board games, collaborative painting, and hopefully some outdoor activities as the weather improves.

The group includes: James Zhang, Peter Blissett, Kieran Bird, Rory Russell, Harry Cubley, Sasint Kongatanapul, Jacob Shamsi and Hal Parkes. Charity coordinator, Mrs H Chew, and the students feel it is important to volunteer both for their educational needs, as well as the personal experience, and believe that the school should be serving the community in every way possible.

Elaine Elsey, who works at Tixover Grange was particularly taken with a volunteering session between student, James, and resident, Bob, who painted together on James’ most recent visit. Elaine said: “I am thrilled that James managed to engage with Bob, his painting is superb. As always, thank you, and the boys for your company.”