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Audience Taken into the Secret World of Codes

Dr James Grime, Engima Code LectureOn Friday 24th April, Stamford Endowed Schools welcomed Dr James Grime for the last Foundation Lecture of the academic year.

Dr James Grime, a Mathematician, has been working with the University of Cambridge on ‘The Enigma Project’, aimed at bringing the story of codes and codebreaking to audiences around the country.

Dr Grime spent the day at Stamford Junior School running workshops where the pupils had the chance to become codebreakers, and telling tales of codebreaking throughout history, including Julius Caesar and Mary Queen of Scots.

In the evening, Dr Grime rounded off this year’s Foundation Lecture series, with an entertaining talk on codes, from the Spartans to the World Wars and with the assistance of a real WWII Enigma Machine, he spoke of the great work done by Alan Turing and his team at Bletchley Park during the war. Dr Grime indicated that these men and women working on breaking the German codes, shortened WWII by two years, demonstrating that it’s all about having “brains over bullets”.

Foundation Director, Rachael Petrie said “Many thanks to Dr James Grime for his entertaining and insightful talk on codes and codebreaking, and his passionate promotion of mathematics.  It was a terrific Foundation Lecture enhanced by a fascinating demonstration of a real Enigma Machine.”

Updates on next year’s Foundation Lectures will be found on the SES website closer to the time.