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Classics Trip Takes Students to Ancient Cities of Italy

Thirty five pupils and staff from SES embarked on this year’s classical adventure to Italy over the Easter Break.

The students were treated to a sun-soaked week of sight-seeing around some of Italy’s Ancient cities. Based in Sorrento, the pupils were able to travel around the Bay of Naples to explore Mount Vesuvius and the ancient town of Herculaneum with a treasure hunt in the National Archaeological Museum. One of the great highlights was to walk in the footsteps of the legendary Latin hero, Caecilius, as all pupils made their way through the haunting streets, theatres, shops and houses of Pompeii in search of him. The group the moved up to Rome for two days of extensive walking through both the ancient city and the Vatican.

Head of Classics at Stamford Endowed Schools, Mr M Blissett, said: “Pupils have, hopefully, brought home some special memories of the legacy of the Romans but I suspect were equally entranced by the rich variety of flavours of ice cream!”