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Local Candidates in Election Debate at SES

Two days before the 2015 General Election, Stamford Endowed Schools welcomed the prospective parliamentary candidates for Stamford and Grantham for a live debate with the sixth form students.

Of the sixth form students at SES about half are now able to vote in this General Election. With that in mind, the schools invited the local candidates for the five main parties; Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and UKIP, to attend an election debate, giving the older students a chance to ask questions about the policies that will affect them.

The event saw the candidates give an opening speech, with each touching upon policies surrounding the NHS, the economy and many of the proposed changes that could affect the younger population especially. The floor was then open to questions from the students, asking the candidates’ views on lowering the voting age, our position in the EU and, surprising them slightly, which of the opposing candidates had impressed them on the campaign.



In their closing speeches each party emphasised their main arguments, both the parties’ national views and more local issues. UKIP’s Marietta King likened selective schools to the policies UKIP wish to introduce on immigration.  Harrish Bisnauthsing from the Lib Dems stressed his wish to protect and help the NHS. Labour candidate Barrie Fairbairn, spoke about social injustice and how his experiences as a small business owner has made him believe that Labour is the only party that will deliver on these values. Green Party’s Aidan Campbell underlined the connection between the environment, society and the economy and the balance needed between. Current MP, Nick Boles, left his final speech to urge the young voters, that no matter who they vote for they should go out and use their right to vote.