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High School Girls Visit Krakow

SHS Poland TripThirty-seven Year 10 students from Stamford High School travelled to Krakow in Poland. The primary aim was to study the impact of the Holocaust on the Jewish community living there, although there were also some cultural visits to places such as the Wieliczka Salt mines and the Old Town.

Whilst in Krakow the students charted the life of the Jewish community from before WWII, when there were an estimated 68,000 Jews living there, until after the Holocaust when this figure was reduced to just 3,000. They visited places such as the area where the Ghetto was formed after 1940 and also Auschwitz- Birkenau concentration camp.

The emphasis of the tour was to consider the concept of social responsibility and thus the students also studied people who tried to help the Jewish community in even a small way; they saw the factory of Oscar Schindler, visited the ‘Pharmacy under the Eagle’; and heard the story of Maximillian Kolbe. Perhaps the most thought provoking element to the trip was when the students had the honour of meeting Mr Josef, a survivor of a concentration camp – a man who encouraged them never to hate and never to let social injustice go unquestioned. This was the fourth Holocaust tour from SHS and 42 Year 10 will travel again next July.