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Drone Filming Over Town Bridge 

Stamford Endowed Schools have been working with Loughborough based video production company, Affixxius, on a new promotional film for the schools, on Friday 19th June Stamford’s Town Bridge became the main attraction.

Upper Cut Productions, a drone specialist company, visited Stamford to help film the final ‘reveal’ shot for the video. Stamford Town Bridge is an important landmark for the schools, serving as the link between the three sites that make up the Stamford Endowed Schools. Many of the sixth form students will cross the River Welland every day to attend lessons at either Stamford High School or Stamford School.

Using a HeliCam the team set about capturing a scene with SES students walking across the Town Bridge, which would then pull away to reveal the schools’ proud setting in Stamford.

The film will launch in September and will encapsulate the Schools’ unique diamond structure, reflecting the journey of pupils from the age of 2-18.