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 ‘Phantastic Physics’ for Year 9 Students 

Ogden trust physics competitionOn 3rd July, Year 9 students Emma Couchman, Eloise Dickerson and Freya Glazebrook travelled to Uppingham Community College to represent the school in the ‘Phantastic Physics’ competition involving thirty different teams from schools across the East Midlands. 

The competition is organised by the Institute of Physics and is sponsored by the Ogden Trust. The aim is to inspire young students and stimulate their interest in Physics. The students spent three hours carrying out a series of experiments and investigations covering a wide range of different Physics topics. For example, they looked at the variation in intensity of radiation at different distances from a source and explored the reason for the pattern they discovered. They examined the particle model of matter, studied different electric circuits and investigated the projectile potion of pasta bullets. They prepared a poster to illustrate some of the things they had discovered in their practical work and then attended a lecture. This was a highly entertaining talk accompanied by some gripping demonstrations. The students saw fire tornados, giant smoke rings and a large, inflatable, model of an angry bird which flew overhead and swooped or climbed according to the position of its ‘ballast’. The lecture was delivered by a team of A level students and undergraduates which included ex High School student Brooke Chapman. The girls learned a great deal as well as being thoroughly entertained.