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CCF Exercise at Vigo Wood 

vigo wood section 24 cadets from the Year 10 Army section took part in an exercise at Vigo Wood, RAF Wittering on 17th October for an introduction to living in the field. CSgt Olivia Ellson, and Sgts Emma Dodworth, Will Smith, Charles Smith & Alex Cooper had prepared their lessons carefully and delivered them with confidence throughout the exercise. All 5 senior cadets had previously completed a methods of instruction course run by our staff instructors, WO2 Denham MBE and Sgt Ansell. They had also successfully completed the Senior Cadets' Instructors Course, run by the cadet training and support team at Beckingham Camp, and as such demonstrated to the junior cadets the standards to which they should aspire.

The bad weather allowed the cadets to understand the importance of building a good 'Basha', but failed to dampen the spirits of those whose shelters needed a little more planning! Many thanks to Capt Dexter, Lt Johnson & Flt Lt Heyworth for providing staff cover.