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Royal Navy Section Field Day Report

In October, Royal Navy cadets from Years 11 to 13 were fortunate enough to spend a day visiting Chatham Historic Dockyard in Kent. Whilst there, the group visited numerous ships, a submarine, and specialist exhibits, including the renowned Victorian Ropery.

One of the day’s visits was to HMS Gannet, a Victorian ship powered by both sail and steam, as well as HMS Cavalier, a WW2 destroyer. The vast differences between the ships’ modes of power, facilities and materials emphasised to all cadets just how far technology has advanced. The group was able to compare the living and functional conditions of both ships to HMS Ocelot -a submarine also visited- that was predominantly in operation during the 1960s.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution museum at the dockyards was also visited which demonstrated the spectacular progression the service has made since its inception. The group also toured the Victorian Ropery, which resides within the longest brick warehouse in the world. Whilst there, the cadets learnt about the skill of the workers, the production capacity, and the different designs and raw materials used in producing ropes.

Senior Cadet Katie Lumb said; “Our visit to Chatham was a thought provoking and worthwhile day for cadets from all years, and gave everyone a greater appreciation of the workings and significance of a naval dockyard. Our thanks go to Lt McClarty, S/Lt Jones, and S/Lt Hilton for accompanying us on the visit.”