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Big Biology Day Held at Stamford High School

big biology dayOn Saturday 14th November, over six hundred visitors from Stamford and beyond visited the third annual Big Biology Day, held at Stamford High School.

The huge array of scientific activities attracted people of all ages with events ranging from apple squashing and learning about how honey is produced to dissecting. The Mayor of Stamford was one of many to drop in and see the variety on offer.

Over eighty SES students assisted at the event, demonstrating their knowledge of their chosen activities and educating visitors about the many aspects of science. Students ran dissections, fungal activities, and creative activities. They made biscuits into cells, bottles into flowers and ran face painting stalls for visitors too. SHS pupil’s Isobel Chase and Ella Bevis –both Year 7- brought in their animals and produced comprehensive information packs on them while talking confidently to visitors.

A number of organisations and biologists visited the event to promote awareness about their work. From Nottingham University, plant scientists spoke about the genetics of brassicas and the Sanger DNA sequencing centre in Cambridge, ran a variety of DNA activities.

Stamford Community orchard gave people the opportunity to make their own apple juice through the use of a traditional apple press. The Osprey Project were explaining the re-introduction of this wonderful bird of prey and Lincoln University extracted DNA from porridge.

The Processors' and Growers' Research Organisation (PGRO) examined fungal diseases of peas and The Babraham Institute from Cambridge spoke about careers in animal care. Other attending organisations included; The Exotic Pet Refuge, Hills Road Sixth Form College and Spalding Bat Group.

Anne Johnstone, Head of Biology for Stamford High School, said; “Big Biology day was a huge success and my thanks go to the school for sponsoring this community event and allowing it to be run on their premises.”