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Professor Tanya Byron Visits Stamford High School

Tanya Byron On Wednesday 18th November, Clinical Psychologist Professor Tanya Byron, visited Stamford High School to talk to students and parents about self-esteem, body image and teenage mental health issues young people encounter.

Her message to the students was inspiring. The BBC presenter and Times columnist spoke of how there are huge social pressures on young people these days and how the beauty industry often provides poor portrayals of what girls should look like. Additionally Professor Byron gave a fascinating insight into the different aspects and roles of the brain and how they affect the way in which people view themselves.

She acknowledged that the pressures on young people in our society are greater today than they ever were before. She engaged with the students throughout the two hour presentation, encouraging and praising openness and full participation. In the evening Tanya spoke to a large audience of parents and staff on similar topics but from the parents’ perspective.

Head of Pastoral Care and Pupil Guidance at Stamford High School, Dominique Evans, said; “A number of parents subsequently contacted the school to say how pleased they were to have such an empowering and knowledgeable speaker for both the students and parents.”