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‘And Then They Gasped’ Proves Huge Success

And then they gasped For three nights last week, audiences were treated to Year 13 student Michael Jordan’s comedy, ‘And then they gasped,’ at The Birkbeck Studio, Stamford High School.

The comedy showcased a stunning display of creativity and humour by Michael who co-wrote, directed and performed in the show, his second original play produced at Stamford Endowed Schools.

As one might anticipate from the genre, the piece was packed full of slapstick and farce, double entendre, quick fire puns, witty one-liners and there was a host of exquisitely drawn characters from the flamboyant mystic Zoe (Caitlin Cameron) to the drily sardonic Tobias (Jack Astley).

Three packed houses saw audiences crying with laughter and in wonder at the cleverly constructed plot which left everyone guessing to the very end as to who in fact was the murderer.

Head of Drama at Stamford Endowed Schools, Anneke Davies, said; “I am in awe of the talent displayed by Michael who was superbly supported by his cast and crew drawn from the SES Sixth Form.”