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Pupils Compete in French Debating Competition

French debating competitionFour Sixth Form students attended a French debating competition, ‘War of the Words,’ in Sleaford on Friday 20th November.

The four pupils; Michael Jordan (Y13), Robin Kleinsorge (Y12), Caitlin Findlay (Y13) and Emily Watt (Y12) confidently won their first debate. The topic of which was unknown to them until shortly before.

For their second round debate they were allocated the topic of; ‘Women are more complicated than men.’ For this debate they were given 15 minutes to prepare beforehand.

The final was on the main stage in the hall, the topic was; 'teachers should wear uniform.' As this was the final debate they were given just five minutes to prepare. They narrowly lost out in the final to Leicester Girls High School, but nevertheless it was a great performance from all four.

Michael Jordan (Y13) attained a further accolade by winning the individual 'best speaker' award.

Head of French for Stamford Endowed Schools, Pierre Braud, said: “They were amazing. Aced the first debate, won their second round by a mile and went to the final against Leicester Girls High School. We thought they scored highest according to the criteria but they came second overall. A great performance.”