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An ‘Evening of Classics’ with Ben Kane

ben kane classics evening Towards the end of last term the Classics department provided “An Evening of Classics” which also included a visit from Roman Historic novelist Ben Kane.

The Classics department hosted its second cultural evening for pupils and parents which began with the now customary quiz, won this time by a select group of Year 11 girls.

During the evening, staff and pupils presented various items linked to Latin and Classical Civilisation courses in Years 8 to 11. Perhaps the highlights were the two pieces of “live theatre”. The Y8 girls presented a play in Latin warning of the dangers of a visit to an irritated barber and the Y8 boys entertained with a visit to a slave market, wigs and all.

The Y11 girls presented a thoughtful piece of discussion about their set text. We also had time for contributions from Classical Civilisation students on Pompeii, events at the Circus and the justification of gladiatorial combat. The Y11 boys bandied Latin jokes on a visit to Pliny the Younger.

Earlier in the day Roman Historic novelist Ben Kane had delivered a lecture to the boys on “Life in the Roman Army” and in the evening he returned to entertain us with his recent findings on the secret lives of the gladiators.