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OS Forensic Medical Examiner Talks to Students

Medical society talk The SES Medical Society were recently fortunate enough to welcome Old Stamfordian Dr Tom Ashley-Norman (Stamford School, 1997) to lead one of their Saturday morning sessions.

He spoke about many aspects of life as a Forensic Medical Examiner, including his work in the custody suite of a Peterborough police station, examining detainees and victims of assaults, and also his visits to scenes of potentially suspicious deaths.

Dr Ashley-Norman gave the Medical Society a quick lesson in how to tell a laceration from an incised wound. They were also surprised to learn about the key role that gravity can play in bruising and how this can be deceiving when trying to establish events.

The session ended with an intriguing “Sherlockian” deduction exercise, based on a real life case, to decide what the members thought happened to a deceased individual.

Dr Ashley-Norman said, “I had the opportunity to meet with pupils on the cusp of big decisions about their careers in medicine, something I could empathise with very well. I hope they enjoyed the presentation and I was impressed with their inquisitiveness. There were a great deal of potential forensic medical examiners in the room! As a Stamford Old Boy it's great to be able to give something back to the school.”