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Dr Simon Singh lectures at SES

Simon Singh Stamford On Friday 5 February, bestselling author and scientist Dr Simon Singh visited the Stamford Endowed Schools to unravel the mathematical secrets of The Simpsons.

In the first Foundation Lecture of 2016, addressing an audience of over 400 (202), Dr Singh used freeze-framed scenes from both ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Futurama’ to illustrate the amount of references to equations, theories and conjectures that the writers cram into each episode. He explained how the writers own interests in mathematics have had a huge impact in shaping the content of the show.

The audience learnt about taxicab numbers, perfect numbers and even why Dr Singh’s favourite number is 26. After an unusual study of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’, the lecture closed with a powerful argument for the importance of maths and science in every aspect of life.

Following the lecture, Dr Singh signed copies of his book and was available to take further questions, with some SES students quizzing him on how they could prove several number theories they are currently studying.

SES Foundation Director, Rachael Petrie, said “We were delighted to welcome Simon Singh to Stamford to deliver a Foundation Lecture.  He provided the perfect combination of mind-bending examples, out-of-the box thinking and humour, giving pupils and parents plenty of new angles on maths to take home and debate”.