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Student’s Row to Success

Indoor rowing stamford#On Friday 11th March SES students from Years 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13 took part in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships at Lea Valley Athletics Centre, London.

London Youth Rowing launched the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships (NJIRC) in 2007 in partnership with the famous Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, and it has grown rapidly into a very popular event with thousands of rowers from across the UK participating each year.

There were some excellent individual performances with Megan Stoker (Y13) and Tom Noble (Y13) both achieving 3rd place times. Additionally there were top ten finishes for Izzie Arthur (Y13), Sophie Rickett (Y12) and Charlotte Bolton (Y8).

The distance of the competition varies for participants based upon their age. Competitors in Years 12 and 13 row for 2000m, Y7 for 2 minutes, Y8 for 3 minutes and Year 9 for 4 minutes. The full list of placings for the students who completed are below.

Year 13

Izzie Arthur - 7:50.6 - 5th
Megan Stoker - 7.45 - 3rd
Tom Noble - 7:11.3- 3rd

Year 12

Lizzie Winfrey – 9:06 - 12th
Sophie Rickett - 8:07.5 - 7th

Year 9

Josephine White - 960m - 50th/230

Year 8

Charlotte Bender - 696m - 73rd/298
Lillie Barton – 702m - 68th/298
Meghan Bolton - 733m - 34th/298
Charlotte Bolton - 765m - 8th/298

Year 7

Annabel Roberts - 480m - 44th/281
Freya Ibbott - 426m - 173rd/281
Kitty Hawthorne - 498m - 12th/281
Ella Bevis - 484m - 30th/281