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Stamford Endowed Schools Host Inaugural Little Genius Quiz

Little Genius QuizOn Thursday 21st April the Stamford Endowed Schools played host to twelve local primary schools in the first ever Little Genius Quiz.

Rutland Radio’s Rob Persani hosted the event and was quick to say he would welcome the opportunity to front the quiz in future years. The quiz was fantastically well attended by teachers, parents and other supporters.

The professional quiz company, Quiz Time, wowed the audience with their set-up of interactive buzzers, ‘lock-out’ podiums, sound effects and lighting, which all made for a memorable evening.

The room buzzed with an almost tangible excitement as the pupils fielded the first warm-up question –on the Queen’s birthday- before the quiz rolled in to action.

The first part of the quiz saw all 23 teams competing against one another in a seven category strong, multiple-choice buzzer round. Topics the teams faced included History, Maths, Current Affairs and Children’s Literature. There was even a ‘Question of Sport’ inspired observation round which centred on a clip from Harry Potter.

The second half of the quiz saw the top four scoring teams make their way to the waiting podiums for the final ‘quick fire’ round. After six minutes of back-and-forth points scoring, Witham Hall Schools’ team ‘The Witham Four Fivers’ were crowned the first ever champions of the Little Genius Quiz. Witham Hall’s second team impressively finished second narrowly pipping Copthill School’s ‘General Thinkers’ and Spratton Hall’s ‘The Spratton Stags’ who finished third and fourth respectively.

Rob Persani was full of praise for the event; “Personally I was amazed at the amount all the Year 5s knew and how quickly they got the answers, a great atmosphere throughout and well done Witham Hall for winning.”

Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, Stephen Roberts, said “It was wonderful to see so many local primary schools coming together for the maiden Little Genius Quiz. Congratulations to Witham Hall, the first ever winners. We look forward to continuing this event in future years.”