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WW2 Veteran Delivers Fascinating Lecture

Dennis Greenslade WW2 veteran On Friday 29th April Year 9 Historians had their World War Two studies enhanced when World War 2 Veteran Dennis Greenslade visited Stamford High School to speak students about his combat experience during the war.

Dennis, who is the grandfather of SHS’s Head of History Hannah Grant, spoke to classes about the conflict in the Far East. Dennis was part of the 19th Indian Division and fought in the Burma campaign until the Japanese surrender in August 1945.

The girls were invited to question him about his experiences, and engaged in conversation ranging from fighting methods, living conditions, to wider life lessons he learned in the process.

Stamford High School History department members Amanda Rackham and Hannah Grant were very pleased with the opportunity for the girls to gain a valuable personal and inside perspective on the war, something which the classes took full advantage of.