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A Spoonful of Sugar at Cambridge Union

cambridge union lord sugarStamford Endowed Schools’ Sixth Formers who have been part of the debating society this year were excited to be part of a packed chamber at the Cambridge Union this week, for an evening with Lord Alan Sugar.

The renowned entrepreneur and guru of "The Apprentice" was interviewed about his early life and what sparked his entrepreneurial genius, before responding to a host of questions from the student audience.

The erstwhile business czar reminisced fondly about the relationship of mutual support he had enjoyed with Mrs Thatcher and New Labour, before giving forthright answers to questions on topics such as the EU, anti-Semitism, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, the House of Lords and the BBC. Asked whether "you make your own luck" he drew parallels between Leicester City's success in the Premiership and successful business; that it's not all about luck but more about skill, consistency and never asking someone to do something you wouldn't do yourself.

Lord Sugar ended the evening with some advice for today's young people: ‘make sure your CV is based on fact.’ The SES students are looking forward to returning to the Cambridge Union in the future.

Students Tom Proffitt and Giorgio Rubbo commented: “An intriguing evening, Lord Sugar’s ability to say what everyone else is thinking, allowed him to connect to his audience on a personal level. Don’t ever try to pitch an idea to him outside the forum of “The Apprentice” – he doesn’t like it!”