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Drum Masterclass with Nic France

drum masterclass nic frenchOn Saturday 7th May, music students had their studies broadened after renowned music educator Nic France visited Stamford Endowed Schools to give a Drum Masterclass.

Nic has worked with some of the biggest names in music such as Dave Gilmour, Pete Townsend, Ronnie Scott, Bill Withers and many of the top British Jazz Musicians. He is an experienced music educator with vast experience of teaching at all levels in a relaxed and informative way that leaves the student feeling inspired.

The aim of the Masterclass was to inspire all participating students and for them to leave the session with a number of both new ideas and strengthened old ones. Nic spoke about the importance of accents and how students could improve their own concepts to further develop their sound. He covered how to improve creativity in particular in solo sections of the higher grades that some of the Pupils will be taking in the near future.

Stamford Endowed Schools drum teacher, Mr Steve Andrews was thrilled with the masterclass; “I felt the day was a real success and all the pupils who attended valued the session and went away with new ideas whilst realising the importance of practice, dedication and commitment to be an all-round drummer and musician.

Pupils that participated were:

Donovan Jackson (Grade 6)
Matthew Green (Grade 8)
Olivia Brimley (Grade 4)
Asa Monahan (Grade 3)
Joe Spurdens (Grade 5)
Harry Musson (Grade 8)
Liam Hill