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Sixth Form Debating Society Talk Brexit  

EU Referendum debate stamfordWith the EU referendum fast approaching, Stamford Endowed Schools’ students enjoyed a visit from Damiano Sogaro, a third year law student at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and member of the Cambridge University European Society.

Damiano spoke to an audience of Year 10 and Year 12 students in the afternoon, before taking on outgoing debating captains, Emma Hunter and Giorgio Rubbo, in a Brexit debate which concluded this season’s Sixth Form Debating Society twilight debates.

Damiano demonstrated a wide and impressive knowledge of the European Union. He gave the audience a lively and interactive introduction to its history, how the Union works and the main issues surrounding the upcoming referendum, managing to dispel the myth about EU directives and curved bananas along the way.

The afternoon session was followed by a well-attended debate in the Oswald Elliott Hall on the motion “This House would leave the European Union”, with the audience enjoying a high standard of debate from all three speakers.

Mrs Karen Leetch commented: “It was fantastic to see such an informative debate on what will be one of the most important decisions facing the UK in our recent history; the students were very fortunate to have benefited from Damiano’s encyclopaedic knowledge and clear explanation of the key issues involved in the Brexit debate. I’m confident that many of the Year 13 students in the audience will now be able to make a much more informed decision when they vote for the first time on 23rd June”.