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High School Girls Well Versed!

SHS poetry week

Stamford High School’s English Department celebrated a special Poetry Week this term. A display of major English poets attracted considerable attention and girls could have a go at the Big Poetry Quiz based on the display, trying to score 100 points, based on the poets’ biographies. Raffle tickets were sold for a copy of Carol Ann Duffy’s Selected Poems, personally signed and dedicated to the school by the Poet Laureate herself.

During the week, girls could enter their poems into a giant scrapbook, either writing on a theme of their choice or on the suggested theme of ‘home’. Over 250 poems were submitted during Poetry Week and these were judged, in year groups, by the English Department staff. The winners of the various categories were:

BEST HAIKU: Bella Mitchell for “Window Pain”; Runner Up: Alice Scott, for “Love”.
BEST YEAR 7 POEM: Sophie Rickett for “Home”; Runner –up: Natasha Bertuzzi, for “Home”
BEST YEAR 8 POEM: Poppy Eyre for “Spider Home”; Runner-up: Scarlett Lee, for “Home”
BEST YEAR 9 POEM: Kezia Andreae for “Bottom of the Garden, Top of the Pine Tree”; Runner-up: Beth Finch for “Home”
BEST YEAR 10 POEM: Christina Farmborough for “Can you read between the lines?”; Runner-up Katie Wood for “Tears”
BEST YEAR 11 POEM: Bronte Phillips for “Autumn Sun”; Runner-up Verity Rimmer and Lydia Haines, for “Autumn”
BEST POEM OVERALL: Bronte Phillips for “Autumn Sun”

The following is Bronte's winning poem.

Autumn Sun

Dawn dims to dusk,
Fiery skies, grey to rusted red. Autumn musk
Hanging heavy, empty breath forming wisps of clouds,
Patchwork fields lie asleep beneath the mottled shrouds.
Bright day, dark night,
Shadow-stealing daybreak swallows up the light.

O fading sun, purging orange grass,
Rise for morning greetings through the frosted glass.
The days of standing proudly all your rays displayed,
Are soon to fade.
Blossoms of spring’s harvest lying fallen from affection,
Dressed in amber hues creating your reflection.

Winter winds bring in mottled mist, clouded low in sight,
Brief sun’s glory, in this moment, fights the night.

All the winners and runners-up were presented with special certificates. The winners also received £10 book tokens and Bronte Phillips received the special prize of “The Oxford Book of English Verse”.