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Aspiring Swimmer meets Olympic Champion

Young swimmer meets Adam PeatyOn Saturday 15th October, Stamford High School student Lottie Farley (Year 7) met Olympic gold medallist swimmer Adam Peaty in a special training session like no other.

In the morning Lottie and the other lucky participants perfected their breaststroke skills and completed some land training. Later Adam talked about his journey through his swimming career and signed autographs. Finally after an interesting talk about growth and fixed mind sets, Lottie and the others practised their front crawl skills.

Mel Marshal, Adam's coach, taught the group the tips about the strokes and Adam performed the visual demonstrations showing the difference between good and bad breaststroke techniques.

Lottie did tough land training exercises in both the morning and afternoon, including press ups, burpees, mountain climbers, boxing and many more.

A thrilled Lottie said; “The talk was very interesting because I found out that Adam was the world record holder for both 50 and 100 meters breaststroke and only trained for 2 hours a week at my age! But from doing that to becoming a world gold medallist is amazing. It really was an amazing day.”