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Students Host Question Time Style Debate

Question time style debate Stamford Inspired by the BBC's visit to Stamford last year, sixth formers and Year 11 boys gathered this week in the Stamford Corn Exchange to participate in Stamford's very own version of "Question Time". This new venture was conceived as a way of encouraging sixth form students to engage with political issues and as a spin-off from the SES Debating Society's programme of twilight debates.

The panel comprised a mix of staff (Rev. Mark Goodman and SES Head of Politics Mr Dave Tuck) and students from Year 12 and 13 (Monty Toseland, Christian Wetherill, Zishi Zhang and James Ellis). Rory Russell chaired the event with a firm hand, creating his own version of David Dimbleby's familiar style.

The panel and sixth form audience had been given the topics in advance of the debate, resulting in an impressive show of knowledge and research from the panel and some superb questions from the audience, with Gabriel Smithson winning the prize for best question. The topics for discussion provoked thoughtful and intelligent debate for both panellists and audience, focusing on the prospect of Donald Trump's presidency, the government's plans for Brexit, the rise of nationalism and populism in Europe and finally, the state of the National Health Service.

Organiser Karen Leetch was delighted with the success of the event: “It was exciting to see the audience engaging intelligently with the serious political issues under discussion and a real pleasure to witness such confident, mature responses from the students on the panel. I look forward to the next one!"