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Author Eleanor Updale Visits Book Club

Year 8 pupil Jasmine describes the visit to our Schools by author Eleanor Updale.

Eleanor Updale Visits Stamford Endowed Schools Book ClubOn the 18th of January, Stamford High School and Stamford School book clubs gathered at the boy’s school library to meet Eleanor Updale, author of the Montmorency series and ‘Johnny Swanson’.

It was a chance to talk to Eleanor, with cakes and drinks, about her inspiration and the research which went into writing her books. Many questions were asked including one about the London sewer system which features in Montmorency. Eleanor explained that she had learnt about them whilst she was writing the book, but only got to see them for herself after it was published.

She explained to us her delight when she had found out that she had accurately written about the sewers but was also disgusted by some aspects of them, such as the fact that by just pouring oil down the drains it creates icebergs of fat in the sewer and that cotton buds are just the right size to completely block a drain!

We also talked about ‘Johnny Swanson’, the book that SHS had read for book group. Eleanor told us that she wanted to write a book that was set between the two world wars because sometimes the people who had survived weren’t the lucky ones. We got to see some original newspapers and magazines from the 1920s and 1930s, and she told us that she was surprised to find out that the advertisement in’ Johnny Swanson’, that she had thought she had made up, was actually in one of the magazines. Eleanor also confirmed that she is in the process of writing a book which is set in the present day, but wouldn’t give anything away.

After a very interesting discussion with Eleanor Updale she agreed to sign posters, autograph books and her books, also giving us the chance to ask a private question if we wished. When the meeting finally ended everyone felt very fortunate to have met her and wished that the meeting would have gone on longer. Eleanor also had a great time and said that she thoroughly enjoyed her short time at Stamford School.