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Puzzle Solving for SJS Maths Week

Maths Week SJSThe theme for Stamford Junior School’s Maths Week this year was ‘Puzzles.’ Encouraging the pupils to have a growth mindset and to challenge themselves was fundamental. Working collaboratively, thinking logically, persevering and communicating were at the heart of their learning throughout Maths Week. Independent learning and intellectual curiosity (ILIC) skills underpinned the pupil’s work and of course having fun was the key to success.

The week got off to an active start with Years 2-5 taking part in ‘Brain Blaster’ workshops. These were run by the Happy Puzzle Company who actively encouraged all who took part to put their ILIC skills to the test, try something new in a collaborative manner and solve as many different puzzles as they could.  Year 6 set up a ‘Puzzle Project’ with Reception and Year 1. Here the Year 6’s took great pride in developing puzzles for younger children to engage in. Year 4 designed their own puzzles too and tested these out to see if they worked on some very willing and enthusiastic Year 3’s.