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Grab Your Stethoscope!

Medical society stamford high schoolThe SES Medical Society took part in an engaging skills workshop led by the team of doctors from Grab Your Stethoscope. The session involved learning hands-on skills, such as CPR, as well as finding out how to conduct a neurological examination of legs and coordination.

Students were guided through an explanation and demonstration of each technique before practising on each other. Emphasis was placed on the importance of comparing the responses of each side of the body, and how this could help diagnosis, as well as how to use a reflex hammer.

Some students knew a little about CPR before the session began, but all were quite struck by the real life experiences shared by the doctors, both in work settings but also during the course of their everyday lives. Despite having a lot of fun with the resuscitation models, the reality of being able to help in such a dire situation really struck home for some. It was also very surprising how tiring proper CPR is, if you are pressing hard enough to truly compress a heart and help it empty. At the end of the session, a number of students commented that it was really great to learn these valuable skills from people who had used them in working practice.