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Rainforest Animals Visit SHS Geography

Zoo lab Stamford High SchoolYear 8 girls were visited by the company ZooLab, who brought a variety of different rainforest animals with them. Barry, from ZooLab brought snakes, spiders, millipedes and many more fascinating creatures to show the students. See below for the student’s report of their experience.

“When ZooLab visited us, we enjoyed experiencing outdoor animals, brought indoors. One of the first animals we got to see was an African snail and we learnt that snails don’t have genders. We then saw a Hissing Cockroach. It hissed when it thought a predator was coming so it could sound like a snake. We then saw a breed of Tarantula and its exoskeleton. Everyone thought the skeleton was another spider itself because it looked so much like the spider. Alongside the Tarantula, we got to see a giant scorpion. No one could hold or touch these two (except Barry) because they weren’t used to it yet, unlike the other animals. Everyone was shocked when we saw a millipede emerge from Barry’s bag. He put it onto the floor so we could see how it walked. Then, we saw a gecko.  Someone asked Barry why its tail was so fat and he explained that they store all their fat there. We learnt that if a predator tried to attack the gecko, it would turn around so its tail was in clear view. The predator could bite off his tail, and the gecko could quickly escape. Although, he would have to grow his tail back again! Barry then brought a snake out of his bag which was very exciting. We could feel the snake’s skin and I remember it feeling slimy and smooth. Barry then put it onto the floor to slither around. It looked really interesting how the snake could curl its body into different angles. Finally, we got to see and feel the only mammal in the session; a rat. For a while, Barry was spraying water into its mouth but then we were allowed to stroke it. 

ZooLab offers fascinating animal handling experiences in a whole range of places: from pre-school to primary and secondary years; and from businesses to organisations of all shapes and sizes. They are the UK’s number one animal handling experience company and have over 20 years of experience with this. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was very professional and informative, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our experience with ZooLab. We all owe a big thank you to the Mr Smith in the Geography Department for organising all of this and to ZooLab for making it happen.”

Written by Lea, Lily, Kasia and Frankie (Year 8)