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Student Selected to Judge Chinese Debating Competition

Chinese debating competitionYear 13 student Zishi Zhang has been invited to be a judge at the 2017 International High School Confucianism Debating Forum, to be hosted in Zoucheng City in Shandong province, China - home town of the Confucian philosopher, Mencius.

The competition is due to take place in July and will be broadcast on Chinese television and online. The aim of the competition is to promote cultural communication and understanding between China and the West. The debates will encourage free discussion and focus on the impact and relevance of Confucianism in today's world, promoting Confucianism as a global philosophy for the 21st century. Teams will be invited from all over the world.

ZIshi commented: “I'm absolutely delighted that I've been invited to be one of the judges for this international debating competition. It will encourage intercultural dialogue and my experience in social activism will help me to take on this challenge. If any students from Stamford Endowed Schools are interested in forming a team for the competition, please get in touch.”