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Year 8 History Club Visit Oliver Cromwell’s House

Oliver Cromwell MusuemOn Saturday 20th May Stamford High School’s history club visited the home of Oliver Cromwell in Ely which is now a museum. The students thoroughly enjoyed a private tour by a costumed guide. They were treated to a cinema experience about Cromwell’s life in Ely and a wider consideration of his actions to decide if they thought he was a hero or a villain. The trip greatly enriched the students learning in the classroom and in addition they discovered a plethora of detail of how people lived at the time. Ely was not the pleasant city you see today but rife with malaria and filth! A fascinating insight was given into the workings of Mrs Cromwell’s kitchen and the role of women generally.

History teacher at Stamford High School, Mrs Rackham said: “The girls really enjoyed the emphasis on the social aspect and left with some of Mrs Cromwell’s recipes though I doubt they will be re-created at home!”