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Stamford School Goes Green!

Green week From 15-19 May Stamford School Eco-Committee organised Green Week which included a multitude of activities to raise awareness of environmental issues. Year 13 student George Hawkins has written the report below about the main highlights of the week.

The Stamford School Eco-Club managed to supplement the school curriculum with a week of its own, and, what a week it was! Each day of the week was assigned a specific theme, and, as the focus of the week was recycling, the themes were based on materials or items that you could recycle. For example, Monday's theme was 'Cans'. Videos and material relevant to the theme were then sent out every day to each form in Years 7-10. Also throughout the week, a model of a tree made out of recyclable materials was displayed in the RLC Atrium. This was constructed by a local artist and a Stamford School parent, with a full sized model being on display at the City Gallery in Peterborough. Additionally, all of the computer screen savers had also been changed, proving to be a fun reminder to everyone that it was Green Week.

On Monday afternoon, an assembly on recycling was given to the Year 7 students by the Stamford School Eco-Prefects. This was found to be a success both in its own right and as a follow-up to an assembly earlier in the year, teaching and reminding the students about the recycling process and giving feedback to the survey results collected in the Autumn Term. On Thursday, a PHSE lesson on recycling and litter was delivered by form tutors to all the Year 7s. The PHSE lesson was very informative and it also acted as a warm-up for the Year 7 Litter Pick, which took place later on that afternoon. The litter pick was the highlight of the week, and, with staff, Year 7 students and Year 13 Prefects all taking part, the event proved to be a huge success. Overall, 95 students covered the school and over 35 streets in Stamford, managing to collect 12 full bags of litter. 

All in all, the Stamford School Eco-Club managed to put on a productive, fun and educational week, helping both the school and the surrounding area become more eco-friendly. Many thanks to Mrs Popa, the SS Eco-Prefects, the Eco-Committee and anyone else who helped to put the week together. Roll on Green Week 2018!

By George Hawkins Y13