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Historians Unlock the Past at Warwick Castle

Stamford visit to Warwick castleYear 7 History students from Stamford High School went on their annual trip to Warwick Castle earlier this month. The castle did not disappoint and the students were awed by the impressive structure and enjoyed identifying the features they had learned about in lessons. Particular favourites were the murder holes and the machicolations where they were repulsed to learn that boiling faeces, as well as boiling water and rocks were thrown down upon an attacking enemy. The firing of the trebuchet and Birds of Prey demonstrations were informative and enjoyed despite the rain.

Stamford High School History teacher, Mrs Rackham said: “We all had a superb day and it was fittingly summed up in an e-mail I received the next day from a Year 7 pupil with the following PS: ‘Warwick Castle was awesome!’”