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Year 5s Build and Play Own Instruments

Stamford Junior School Y5 build instruments Year 5 have built and played their own musical instrument this year. The guitar-like instrument is called a ‘Corrulute’, and it comes in kit form making it an ideal DT project that also gives the pupils the opportunity to learn about the guitar family of instruments.

Having assembled the body of the Corrulute the pupils added a degree of personalisation by decorating it with their own art work.

They then attached the neck and measured out the position of the frets before stringing the instrument. The Corrulute has four strings tuned like a ukulele and this enabled the pupils to learn about how chords work before giving a performance of the 12 bar blues.

The whole of Year 5 gave an assembly where they demonstrated what they had learned to the younger pupils, with each of their teachers delighted with the outcome.