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Y9 Study Urban Settlement in Leicester

Stamford geography trip Leicester Stamford High School Year 9 Geography students visited Leicester for a field trip to learn about and evaluate urban living. Year 9 student Imogen has written the following report on the fieldtrip.

During the day in Leicester we visited three areas, each showing a slightly different style of living. We visited a small village far away from the city centre, called Thurnby. We found this village to be small and quaint, with limited services. Then, we went into the city centre, and evaluated the houses there. We found that it was far busier and there was much more noise, but the area was still well maintained. Finally, we visited Braunstone Park, an inner suburb which had many services, affordable housing and frequent bus services to the city centre. At each location, we carried out a bipolar analysis, pedestrian count, traffic survey, and evaluated the services and houses. We also evaluated some of the buildings on the rural-urban fringe to see whether Leicester had the features of an environmentally friendly city.

During this trip, we collected useful evidence and learnt a lot about urban living. We would like to thank Miss Allen for organising this trip for us, and Mr Smith, Mrs Moody and Mr Burke for accompanying us. We had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Written by Imogen McEwing