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MAD Week Delights Once Again

And so the MADness began across the Music, Art and Drama Departments in this the third biennial MAD week at the Stamford Endowed Schools.

For the Drama department it was a tremendous week packed with variety and entertainment aplenty. The week started with a treat for the dancers who enjoyed a workshop with the Northern Ballet, they ran a brilliant event on the back of recent visit to the Leicester Curve Theatre where we saw their production of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.’ In addition, our dancers went to a fascinating talk and display from the contemporary dance company Chantry Dance at the Arts Centre in town.



Drama performance has covered the gamut here from a reprisal of our Drama Scholars’ Showcase ‘What an egg!’ performed at The Birkbeck Studio, followed up by our very own Douglas Tawn’s Edinburgh Fringe piece of ‘Romantic Encounters in a Darkened Room’ – a cracking comedy event that had the Browne House boarders performing dances on stage and getting the full stand-up experience.



The magical world of Tom’s Midnight Garden, our lower school play performed across Wednesday to Friday in the Llowarch PAC Studio space. We had packed houses and the oohs and aahs were audible at what has been a truly stunning work using all the magic that theatre allows us; stunning animated projections and a beautiful sound & lighting design – thanks to Keir Spalding, our Theatre Technician for masterminding this! Once again, our young cast impressed with their characterisation as they told the story of young Tom and Hatty.

Throughout the week, we have been working alongside Art and Music to produce an opera in a week! MADness indeed! This has been a remarkable week watching our young performers, artists and musicians grow and flourish as they tackled the beautiful and moving work of Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell. It has been a positively invigorating experience for all, staff and students alike, to work with such pace and focus and the students are to be congratulated for what was a very impressive performance at The Oswald Elliott Hall on Friday evening!

During the week, students thrilled audiences with a host of musical delights. On Wednesday students got the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a ‘Drum Masterclass’ from former Elbow drummer Richard Jupp. On the same day the world famous Aurin Girls’ Choir made their regular appearance in an electrifying evening concert. The Lunchtime Concert series also drew in delighted spectators with a Chamber Choir, Saxophone and Staff concert featuring during the week.

Art students were able to showcase their talents with Art Exhibitions across the schools throughout the week. Students also put their painting skills to use by creating the beautiful artistic backdrop for the Dido and Aeneas performance.

Anneke Davies, Stamford Endowed Schools Head of Drama