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Stellar GCSE results for Stamford High School and Stamford School ​​​​​​​

Students of the Stamford Endowed Schools are celebrating their GCSE results with a quarter of every examination taken being graded at the very highest A* grade and over half of examinations taken being awarded A* or A.

The percentage of pupils gaining 5 or more GCSEs at Grade C or above was 98% at Stamford High School and 94% at Stamford School.

Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, Mr Will Phelan, stated:

“I am incredibly proud of our Stamfordians and staff. I know that they have worked tirelessly for these examinations and I congratulate them on this significant achievement. These results are a testament to our students’ graft, their determination, careful preparation, parental support and the Schools’ outstanding and experienced teachers. When considered alongside the engagement of our students and their huge contribution and representation in so many other areas of school life, this shining success is even brighter. This has given our students the perfect springboard to thrive in the Sixth Form and I look forward to further success at A-Level.”


Mrs Vicky Buckman, Head of Stamford High School stated:

“The girls worked very hard in preparation for their examinations and deserve these tremendous results.  In addition to their studies they find time to contribute to the School, and the wider community, in so many different ways and I am so proud of all they have achieved.”

A quarter of the cohort from Stamford High School achieved 5 A* or more. They were:

Amber Anderson, India Anderson, Eleanor Bingham, Ellie Bolsover, Lily Borley, Hei Tung Cheung, Emma Couchman, Eloise Dickerson, Joely Evans, Holly Farrow, Aragon Greenway, Georgina Hiorns, Hali Plant, Sasha Pollock, Nathalie Reuss, Georgie Richardson, Georgina Talukdar, Maria Van Der Matt, Emma Vergette, Lucinda Wellman-Smith and Annabelle Wells.


Head of Stamford School, Mr Nick Gallop noted:

“As a year group the boys have performed extremely well and we are all very proud of their achievements.  There have been many outstanding individual performances and, as ever, there is as much delight in the many boys who have outperformed their own predicted grades and personal targets.  Well done to all.”

The following 21 boys from Stamford School achieved 5 A* or better, 7 of whom scored 9A* or higher:

Samuel Brunswick, Finn Corbett, Rory Edens, Ben Edwards, Edward Gallacher, Tim Gossel,  Thomas Harvey, Charles Kidd, Alexander Kroese, Cameron MacBeth, Andrew Martin, Jonathan Mason, Joshua Menck, Oskar Paget, Joshua Phipps, Thomas Richardson, Alessio Rossetti, William Smye, Oliver Wilson, Jonathan Winfrey and Jacob Worthington.



Stamford High School (girls)

Entered: 80 students

% A* grades: 31%

% A*/A grades: 59%

% A* to C grades: 93.2%

% of students gaining 5 or more C grades: 97.5%

Stamford School (boys)

Entered 91 students

% A* grades: 23.4%

% A*/A grades: 42.7%

% A* to C grades: 89.7%

% of students gaining 5 or more C grades: 93.5%