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Concert Trip

Jamie Serjeant reports on the concert trip to De Montford Hall.

Concert trip"On the 10th May, we visited the Philharmonia Orchestra in Leicester, featuring solo violinist, Jennifer Pike, daughter of Jeremy Pike who taught music at Stamford School. The orchestra played a number of suites, including Beethoven's 8th Symphony and Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture. The concert particularly struck a chord (no pun intended) with the SES First Orchestra, who played the first movement of Beethoven and the Hebrides piece in the Summer Concert shortly beforehand after a year of hard practice. It gave a great insight into the professional world of music, and showed us how refined an orchestra could play a piece, showing there really were no limits to the detail instrumentalists can add to their performances.

"Jennifer played a breathtaking solo piece at the end part of an encore. The rich violin tone filled the DeMontford Hall and mesmerised the audience, and upon leaving the concert we were allowed to go backstage and meet the soloist for an insightful and inspirational chat about professional musicianship and the art of performing. It was great to get to meet such an expert musician in person and talk about the music. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the night and found it a great experience, and our thanks go to the staff who helped make the evening possible."

Jamie Serjeant