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High School Student Organises Charity Film Festival

Stamford High School pupil Katy Phipps who is organising film showings around Stamford for the Peace One Day charity.A Stamford High School pupil has asked Stamford to give peace a chance.

Katy Phipps, 16, has organised a film festival for the Peace One Day charity which involves showing a documentary by the charity at four venues in the run up to a worldwide amnesty day, called Global Truce.

Katy said: “Peace One Day has had a lot of success, particularly in Afghanistan where they managed to achieve a ceasefire and gave out polio immunisations. A big part of the event is a documentary which shows the charity’s work and mission.”

The film has already been shown at St Mary and St Augustine’s Church on Saturday and on Sunday in St John’s Church, and will be shown at 7pm on Monday in Barn Hill Methodist Church and at 7pm on Wednesday at Stamford High School.