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Exercise Steelback Cadet

Stamford Endowed Schools CCF on Exercise Steelback Cadet Cadets from the Stamford Endowed Schools CCF attended Exercise Steelback Cadet, hosted by the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment (TA) over the weekend of the 16th-18th October 2009.

The exercise served to improve field craft skills and to introduce cadets to equipment and weapons systems that they would otherwise rarely encounter.

Amongst the weapons systems on display were: .50 Cal Browning Machine gun, the HK automatic grenade launcher, the 81mm  medium mortar, the General Purpose Machine Gun (SF) and a selection of NATO and other forces’ mines.

Students revelled in the opportunity to fire the GPMG and the Light Support Weapon in the fully automatic mode- two pheasants on the range remained unconcerned about the rate of fire landing all around them and survived the encounter unscathed.

The cadets also examined the Bowman radio system, completed command tasks and a night time search and rescue exercise.

All the cadets were excellent ambassadors for the school, quickly showing their leadership and teamwork abilities when thrown into mixed groups of other cadets.

The exercise certainly kept the cadets moving - though they may be a little slower this week!

Many thanks to all the cadets involved; we took great pleasure in escorting them around the stands. Above all this, we are very grateful to our sponsor regiment for providing such an opportunity.

The cadets who attended this event were:

Petrie J

McBain A

Moore T

Perks T

Sharman G

Hacula B

Smith E

Taylor T

Jones A