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Maddy wins Anglian Water’s Pipe Challenge

Year 7 Stamford High School student, Maddy, has today been awarded a Samsung Galaxy after winning Anglian Water’s Pipe Challenge at the Big Bang fair in Birmingham. The task challenged by Anglian Water’s Future Water Zone was for young people to accurately assemble pipefittings attached to a water meter in the fastest possible time. Maddy won with an impressive time of 13.98 seconds with an average time of around 40 seconds.

Head of Year 7 at Stamford High School, Lynette Harte, said: “We are incredibly proud of Maddy for her exceptional performance at the Big Bang Fair.  In Year 7 we have focussed on lifelong learning skills such as determination, aiming for accuracy, questioning and thinking differently. Maddy has demonstrated these qualities and they have led to a well-deserved exceptional result.”