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Head Boy and Girl Return to Primary School

Head boy and girl visit their old primary school; St Gilbert's Earlier this term, the Head Boy of Stamford School, Charlie Dickinson, and Head Girl of Stamford High School, Henrietta Hammant, visited a local primary school, St Gilbert's, to talk to the students about the daunting move up into secondary school.

Both Charlie and Henrietta previously attended St. Gilbert’s, so they were very excited to go back. They met with the head teacher, Mrs Thorley, and all of the Year 5 and 6 pupils, who made them very welcome.

Charlie and Henrietta greatly enjoyed reminiscing about their time at the school before explaining what opportunities were available and some of the things that they have achieved since leaving St Gilbert’s.

Henrietta commented “The students were asking some challenging questions, so I hope we were able to do the Stamford Endowed Schools justice. We really enjoyed visiting our old school and hope that the pupils at St Gilbert’s are now looking forward to moving up into their new secondary schools.”