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SJS Transformed into Victorian School

Year one students during the Victorian Day at SJSSJS was recently transformed into a Victorian School for a day for the Year One pupils, who have been learning about the Victorian era in their history lessons this term.

The day followed on from a very successful school visit to the Stibbington Centre - a former village school - in September, where the children enjoyed a day of Victorian themed activities and learning.

The children and Year One staff dressed up in traditional costumes and began the day with a formal writing lesson on slate boards, followed by a quick arithmetic lesson and a drill practice. The pupils quickly adapted to the strictness of the Victorian timetable, sitting in pairs with the boys on one side of the room and girls on the other. The children were then able to play with a selection of toys from the era, including wooden bricks and toys, train sets, marbles and peg dolls. The day ended with listening to a Victorian story and a look through the storybooks children read over a hundred years ago.

Gaynor Mullock, Early Years Leader, commented “Re-creating a Victorian school day in the children’s own classrooms certainly brought history alive. Everybody, including the staff, had a fantastic day.”

Click here to view a photo gallery of the Victorian school day.