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Junior Chess Players Challenged

 Stamford Junior School chess players in a matchChildren in the Chess Club at Stamford Junior School have recently been tested against tough opposition from Laxton Junior and Witham Hall.

SJS hosted a match against Laxton Junior, with twelve children from Years Five and Six taking part. The games were fast-paced, which allowed competitors to play several games against different opponents. Laxton won 8 – 3 overall, with good wins for SJS from Sailesh Sitaram, Shreya Suvarnapathaki and Fergus Cato.  

Twelve children from Years Three and Four travelled to Witham Hall School for their matches, as part of this regular and friendly fixture. The children played well, and their end-game showed improvements from their previous game against Laxton in November. Unfortunately they did not take opportunities where a check-mate was within reach, and the games veered off to a stalemate at the last. The match finished with SJS on 5 ½ points and Witham with 7 ½ points.