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Netball Pre-Season Training

 The senior netball players at SHS had a pre-season training course on 6th – 8th January, just before the start of the Spring term.

The sessions were a great opportunity for the girls to work on improving parts of their game with an external coach, put these new skills into practice, evaluate their match play and set themselves goals for the season ahead.

PE teacher Jess Fowler said “All players worked extremely hard and that their commitment, determination and skills have already been rewarded with wins against strong opposition from Northampton High School on Saturday. The coach from Loughborough Lightening really enjoyed working with the girls and as always they were an asset to the school. Best of luck for the rest of the season may it be a fruitful and enjoyable term of Netball’.

Please read the pre-season report below written by Year 11 captain, Anna Nelson.


Netball Pre Season Training (6 - 8 Jan, 2012)

Signing up for pre-season netball training (aka Miss Fowler’s winter boot camp), seemed a really good idea at the time. However, amongst the thirty or so Senior netball players, many stumbled into the Sports Hall regretting the past weeks of excess eating and little exercise during the Christmas break. So, when Miss Fowler arrived in the hall, bright and breezy, enthusiastically setting out the aims and objectives of the training, the mere mention of drills had most of us achieving increased pulse rates without the need for warm up exercises.

Nevertheless, led by Miss Fowler and with the addition of invited coach, Bev Burnham from Loughborough Lightening, we began the program. We soon picked up pace, and under superb coaching we began improving fitness, footwork and awareness at both individual and team levels.  With matches to play, any aching muscles and stiff joints were well worth the opportunity to quickly put into practice what we had just been working on and get back into the game.

By the next day we were highly motivated to play well against our visitors from Oundle School. With already fewer bad passes, dropped balls, contacts and missed shots, and better interceptions, tips, rebounds and feeds we began playing very well. This resulted in the U16s winning their matches as well as putting up strong opposition to Oundle’s 1sts. We felt confident and were increasingly aware of what was needed from us in order for us to be successful.

The final training day came too soon. We consolidated the previous days’ training and reviewed the filmed matches played against Oundle. We were developing skills to evaluate our play for strengths and weaknesses. Set plays for backline passes and centre passes were entered into our individual record books for future reference. Miss Fowler facilitated our understanding of the game better. However, one further challenge was set; netball’s version of dancing on ice; performed on the all-weather (whatever-the-weather) courts. These icy courts led to some very interesting footwork at times.

As a result of the pre-season training, all players improved over the three days, all players have personal targets set for improved play and all players wish to thank Miss Fowler for her support, guidance, patience, time and contagious love for the game of netball. The pre-season training was worthwhile, enjoyable and successful, the benefits of which the Seniors intend to demonstrate in the forthcoming matches this season.

Anna Nelson