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Pupils enjoy Maths Week

 Children at Stamford Junior School enjoyed a week of magic and games during Maths Week 2012, on 5th-9th March.

The whole school joined in with the fun activities, which included card tricks and mental maths. Pupils in Years 2-6 designed, made and played maths games – which will now be sent to Kizizi School in Uganda – with the children two years below them, while Year 6 children also got to investigate the maths behind a range of magic tricks and perform these to their classmates.

Year 3 pupils had a special treat when they were visited by a Hercules pilot and a doctor – dressed in their uniforms - who showed the children the kinds of calculations that they use day-to-day in their careers. The children were thrilled to handle the night-vision helmet and blood-pressure gauge, and answered the challenging questions very well, with one remarking “So that’s why we learn our times-tables!”

Another highlight was ‘World Maths Day’, where all the children at the Junior School competed against children across the world in an online competition held by the Mathletics website. The Mathletes had to complete fifty games in total, which involved the rapid recall of their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

Certificates were awarded to the top three pupils in each year group and one class won the accolade of appearing on the International Roll of Honour, scoring a phenomenal 19,383 points, which placed them 5th in the country and 44th worldwide.