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Pupils raise over £1000 for charity

 Pupils at Stamford School recently raised £1,200 for the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC) charity.

FOCC raises funds to bring children who are still at risk of contamination today from the nuclear disaster that occurred in the Ukraine in the 1980s - particularly those from orphanages or disadvantaged homes - from Belarus to the UK for a month every year. The Stamford Endowed Schools are continuing their support of the charity with sponsorship of two Belarusian children. 

During a recent non-uniform day, Stamford School pupils ran a number of fund-raising activities, including a keepy-uppy competition, raffles, cake sales, paper-aeroplane race, sponsored silence, busking, welly wanging and sponge-the-teacher, raising £1,200 for the charity.  

This year Stamford School are sponsoring Danik; an eight year old boy from a severely contaminated town near Chernobyl. Danik is excited to come over to Stamford for a month in summer and visit the seaside for the first time while he is in the UK. Stamford High School is sponsoring Anya, a seven year old girl from the same area.

Both children will have the opportunity to improve their health, put on some weight and have some fun. It is thought that for every four weeks the affected children spend away from the contaminated zones, their lives will be extended by one to two years.

As well as hosting the children and raising money, the Schools also run clothing collections, for which the families are extremely grateful as they cannot afford to buy new clothing.

Cecilia Hammand, the local co-ordinator for FOCC, said “Danik and Anya’s families have very little money and live in a severely contaminated area, where radiation warning signs line the roads, so will truly benefit from the kindness and wonderful support of the Schools.”

Click here to view photos of the fundraising activities on the Schools' Facebook page.